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brings together the right level of expertise



COMBUSS focuses in the development of a new novel composite tooling solution for the production ofcomposite stiffened panels. The primary target market for the technology is the aerospace sector. TheCOMBUSS Consortium brings together the right level of expertise in order to tackle the many technicalchallenges.

Officine Meccaniche Irpine (O.M.I.) works in Aerospace Industry since over thirty years, by consolidating supply relationships and collaborations with major national industries for production of parts and equipment. Production departments were born and raised in"Industrial Area Calaggio" in Lacedonia, in province of Avellino, on a covered area of 10,000 sqm. , in which 90 workers are employed; while in P.I.P Area of Vallata, few kilometres from the historical OMI site, two new Plants of 7500 sqm. each, will become operational from 2016, supporting surface Treatment Processes and manufacturing of Composites parts.

By defining technological innovation goals, on the basis of high professional contents and unquestionable moral values, OMI has established itself in the Aerospace Field, becoming leader in mechanical machining, with the ambition to complete productive cycle with a verticalized process, in order to satisfy all needs of structural configuration for fixed-wing or rotary wing. OMI products are carefully controlled, by dimensional checks and process controls to always guarantee a high quality level. Plants are equipped with facilities and equipment in continuous expansion toward advanced technologies, completed by automated processes for inspection, dimensional check and surface treatments (galvanic and painting).

Besides industrial participation in important aircraft programs Airbus, Boeing and Lockheed Martin, OMI features an experimental department for aeronautic parts and innovative processes for composite materials including support to general aviation. R&D unit is directed both to solution for innovative products, and to the experimentation of new technologies, with the aim to improve both the costs and products functional capabilities, whether they are parts, assemblies, equipment, tools and special facilities. OMI management is oriented to improving design skills, technological and customer care skills, in order to propose OMI as reliable partner, able to meet the needs of players, to share strategies and achieve all the set goals, with innovative solutions, offering also integrated services with competitive costs.

Established in Cambridge, UK in 1946 and with several facilities across the globe, TW ( is one of Europe’s foremost independent research and technology organisations, employing 740 scientists, technologists, administrative and support staff world-wide (523 in the UK and Europe) and with annual (2017) group turnover of £60 million. TWI works across all industry sectors with expertise in key aspects of materials, materials joining, structural integrity, static and dynamic testing and Non Destructive Testing (NDT) and Non Destructive Evaluation (NDE) and has representation on over 100 standards committees.

Brunel Composite Centre is part of the Institute of Materials and Manufacturing of Brunel University. Principal mission is to establish a world-class research centre offering high quality research.

Various ongoing researches including:

• The phenomena that take place at the interface of composites to other materials

• Physicochemical processes studies including processing of composites

• Embedding of smart structures in composites and joining of composites with other materials

• Composite material characterisation and FE material card creation at various strain rates

• All aspects of composite FEA including process simulations, implicit/ explicit, dynamic and crash modelling

Website: Brunel Composites Innovation Centre


The aim of the COMBUSS project is to develop, design, manufacture and deliver to the Topic Manager facilities,all the prototype subcomponent manufacturing tooling needed to manufacture the stiffeners and panel of lower wing(including all auxiliary tools).

Aernnova is a leading aerostructures company specialized in the design and manufacturing of aerostructures and components such as wings, empennages and fuselage sections. With revenues over 700 million euros, we are the first Tier 1 in Spain and the 10th worlwide.

With strong capacities, capabilities and track record in engineering, manufacturing and program management, Aernnova contributes with cost efficient and reliable solutions to its customers through a flexible scope of activities performed by specialized and globalized business units for Engineering, Composites, Metallic Components and Product Support.

Our capabilities enable us to assume full responsibility of the programs over the Product Life Cycle: From conceptual and detail design, testing & certification to serial production and in service support.

Aernnova combines the integral management of major aerostructures with specialized business units for Engineering, Composites, Metallic Components and Product Support.

Our capabilities enable us to perform our activities separately, adapting to the needs of our clients.

• Design & Manufacturing - Full responsibility over the complete aerostructure life cycle.

• Manufacturing - Transfer, industrialization, supply chain, assembly and final delivery, often with design maintenance, MRB, and product support.

• Design - Engineering complete work packages, including concurrent design and manufacturing engineering (most efficient solutions).